descriptionMercurial to git conversion tool forked from git://
ownerJosé Ignacio Croce Busquets
last changeFri, 13 Nov 2015 10:39:47 +0000 (11:39 +0100)
2015-11-13 Han SangjinAdd filename encoding option --fe master
2015-08-16 Frej DrejhammarAllow branches and tags to be remapped
2015-08-16 Frej Drejhammarrefactor: Make author map loading more generic
2015-08-15 Frej DrejhammarSurvive corrupt source repositories
2014-11-01 zedMake -e option apply to imported filenames
2014-10-25 zedAdd option for specifying the text encoding used by...
2014-09-23 Frej DrejhammarDo not rely on "type -p"
2014-09-19 frejMerge pull request #37 from ottxor/master
2014-09-18 Christoph JunghansFix ROOT if hg-fast-export is in PATH
2014-07-06 Frej DrejhammarOnly dump heads in head cache
2014-05-30 ChrisUpdate README with note about no working directory
2014-05-02 Piotr ŚwięcickiAnnotate commits with the hg hash as git notes in the...
2014-04-13 Kyle J. replace egrep with grep
2014-03-28 Kyle J. do not sort merge commit parents
2014-03-16 frejMerge pull request #23 from ritcheyer/master
2014-03-16 Kyle J. improve authors file compatibility
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