hg-fast-export.sh/hg-reset.sh: replace egrep with grep
[python/fast-export.git] / hg-reset.sh
2014-04-13 Kyle J. McKayhg-fast-export.sh/hg-reset.sh: replace egrep with grep
2008-12-20 Frej DrejhammarMerge branch 'from-jmcmullan' into develop
2008-12-11 Jason S. McMullanhg export: Support tag movement
2008-11-25 Rocco Ruttehg2git: Update copyrights and maintainership information.
2008-07-31 Jonathan Niederhg-fast-export: work still if git-commands are not...
2007-10-26 Rocco RutteMerge branch 'fixes'
2007-10-22 Rocco RutteFix shell substitution typo
2007-10-22 Rocco RutteAllow for $PYTHON environment variable specifying pytho...
2007-03-19 Rocco Ruttehg-reset.sh: Helper for partially re-importing from hg