Add filename encoding option --fe
[python/fast-export.git] /
2015-11-13 Han SangjinAdd filename encoding option --fe master
2015-08-16 Frej DrejhammarAllow branches and tags to be remapped
2015-08-16 Frej Drejhammarrefactor: Make author map loading more generic
2015-08-15 Frej DrejhammarSurvive corrupt source repositories
2014-11-01 zedMake -e option apply to imported filenames
2014-10-25 zedAdd option for specifying the text encoding used by...
2014-05-02 Piotr ŚwięcickiAnnotate commits with the hg hash as git notes in the...
2014-03-28 Kyle J. do not sort merge commit parents
2014-03-16 frejMerge pull request #23 from ritcheyer/master
2014-03-16 Kyle J. improve authors file compatibility
2014-03-16 Kyle J. McKayhg-fast-export: support new --hgtags option
2014-03-16 Kyle J. do not lose file mode changes
2014-03-16 Kyle J. support older hg versions
2014-03-16 Kyle J. restore compatibility with older...
2014-03-13 Eric Ritcheychecking for - and converting - backslashes
2014-02-14 frejMerge pull request #22 from TracyWebTech/master
2014-02-10 Sergio OliveiraFixing for hg 2.9
2012-09-30 frejMerge pull request #7 from living180/master
2012-09-30 Daniel HardingMake hg-fast-export (actually) work on Windows
2012-08-10 frejMerge pull request #6 from aried3r/master
2012-08-06 Anton RiederOrganized imports
2012-06-01 frejMerge pull request #5 from living180/master
2012-05-28 Daniel HardingMake hg-fast-export work on Windows
2012-05-20 frejMerge pull request #4 from aried3r/master
2012-05-16 Anton RiederApplied rule #7 of git-check-ref-format
2011-12-09 Barry WardellCommits with no parent need a reset command.
2010-09-29 David WraggThe "verifying branch" message is not very interesting
2010-09-29 David WraggSimplify handling of parents of exported commit
2009-02-23 Matthias Urlichshg-fast-export: Compare HG revisions when merging
2009-01-27 Rocco Ruttehg-fast-export: Support branches without parents
2008-12-20 Frej DrejhammarMerge branch 'from-jmcmullan' into develop
2008-12-20 Fabrizio Chiarellohg-fast-export: add option to track remote branches...
2008-12-11 Jason S. McMullanhg export: Support tag movement
2008-11-25 Rocco Ruttehg2git: Update copyrights and maintainership information.
2008-09-19 Fabrizio Chiarellohg-fast-export: Make default branch customizable
2008-09-19 Rocco Ruttehg-fast-export: Catch up with mercurial crew API changes
2008-09-19 Peter Use appropriate file mode for symlinks.
2008-06-03 Jonathan sanitize tildes (~) in branch names
2007-10-26 Rocco Cache possibly sanitized branch...
2007-10-26 Rocco RutteMerge branch 'fixes'
2007-10-26 Rocco Sanitize ref names
2007-10-25 Rocco Don't attempt to dump revs beyond...
2007-10-25 Rocco Minor tweaks/cleanup
2007-10-22 Rocco Rewrite merge logic
2007-03-19 Rocco Print details for changed branches only
2007-03-19 Rocco Fix option presence checking
2007-03-19 Rocco RutteAdd with library routines
2007-03-14 Rocco Kill stale usage() and __doc__
2007-03-14 Rocco RutteUse MIT license, adjust hg2git script names to match...